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We are excited to announce that 2016 registration has officially opened for Undie Run! In addition to donating clothing to those in need, we’ll be using the Undie Run registration platform to provide financial support for charities around the globe. Each student organizer will be able to pick the cause that means the most to them, whether it’s local, national, or international—making this our best, most philanthropic, sexiest event ever. Let’s get started!


Con Bro’s Chill Undie Run Workout Video

College students all across planet globage strip down to their under garments to run together in Undie Runs on their campuses. Con Bro Chill is here to instruct you on how to get fit and be safe for this monumental event coming soon to your campus. It’s time to captain your safety boat and get impressive!


Reasons Why You Should Undie Run by USA Today College

Chris Issac, a USA Today’s College Contributor, gives you six reasons why you should Undie Run.

Undie Run Chile

Undie Run Chile Donates $1,000 to Fire Victims in Valparaiso

We’re proud to say that our Undie Run in Santiago, Chile donated kilos of clothing, food, and $1,000 to help fire victims in Valparaiso. Undie Run Chil Photo Gallery (Fotografías Luis García Gutiérrez):

UCSB Winter Undie Run

UCSB Winter UNDIE RUN Donates 2,000 Pounds of Clothing to Charity

On Wednesday, March 19 at 11:30pm there was a gathering of UCSB sexy philanthropists that contributed to their community by shedding the clothes off their back for those less fortunate. The clothes were donated to Santa Barbara Rescue Mission, a local nonprofit. Way to go Gauchos!

Vote for Undie Run in the 4th Annual Classy Awards!

The Undie Run has been selected out of 2,400 Nominees as a Top 5 Regional Finalist in the MOST INFLUENTIAL COLLEGE STUDENT OR COLLEGE ORGANIZATION for the 4th Annual CLASSY Awards!

Help us move on to the next round by casting your vote before July 26th. Once you get on the page, click the “West” Division” and then scroll down to the category “Most Influential College Student or College Organization”. There you will see the Undie Run!

“The Undie Run works to mobilize and empower college students to creatively be seen, be heard, and make a difference; and have an incredibly fun time while doing it! The Undie Run drives awareness for multiple causes & all monetary and clothing donations go to a University’s local charity partner.”

Thank you!
Undie Run Team

“Best Race for Charitable Exhibitionists” by Greatist.com

"Best Race for Charitable Exhibitionists" by Greatist.com

That’s right, you charitable exhibitionists. You’ve helped us earn a national title in The 21 Most Incredible Themed Races. We’re now the Best Race for Charitable Exhibitionists. Come hither all ye faithful charitable exhibitionists! Let us make 2013 the best Undie Run Challenge yet.

UCSB Spring 2012 Undie Run

UCSB Spring Undie Run UCSB’s Spring Undie Run invites you, graduating seniors, barely surviving freshman, grad students, and lingering alums. Everyone’s favorite finals weeks tradition starts at Davidson Library on Wednesday, June, 13, 2012 at 11:30 p.m.

MTV Selects Undie Run as Sexiest Charity Work

Sexiest Charity Work - SDSU Undie Run
Photo: SDSU's Annual Undie Run (Twitter/@Krazy_Kracker42)

We’re honored and excited to announce that MTVact (every action counts) has ended their search for the sexiest charity work anyone could ever do. This is over six years in the making for us (Ryan, Kyle, and Weston – and YOU too) and we’ll always bring you fun, sexy, local charity events for years to come.

Austin Undie Run Shows You How to be Fit

Red Mango The Austin Undie Run and Red Mango are showing the WORLD why this will be the stage for the sexiest kind of fitness. Getting in your Undies, running a mile or so and having your thirst quenched with fruit smoothies. Anyone? On the evening of Friday, May 4th, Austin Undie Runners will do just that. We’re talking about 3,000 samples of this Red Mango fresh fruit smoothie deliciousness. Sounds like a perfect way to end the spring semester! Stay Fit and Sexy, Austin.